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ann peebles - i can't stand the rain_recording studio

Philip Glass - Sesame Street (extended cut)

peven everett - streetwalker

Son of Dave - Old times were good times

brian eno_An Ending (Ascent)" from "Apollo: Atmospheres & Soundtracks."

alice in chains _ rooster (8bit)

tin kin - washugly

how to grow grass on someones keyboard

bitch slap in super slow mo

N.E.R.D. - seeing sound

king of america - rev.moon

blu - blue collar worker


stefan sagmeister on TED - yes, design can make you happy

lupe & chris brown freestyle on dilla beat

nike sb



artic monkeys - brainstorm

subliminal advertising - how its done

boston dynamics - big dog

changing speed

johnny cash - hurt

boondocks season 2 ep.15 Banned

epuron tv ad


fugees live @ block party - killin me softly

love me sexy


Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto

Hexstatic - Ninja Tune

Distorted Minds feat. Juice Aleem - Hexstatic

ino hidefumi live @ life london

teslasonic_tesla discoverer

ryoichi kurokawa @ cinematics

ditch - mysterious hoze

dartriix - who is me? -v_e

aoki takamasa - mirabeau

ken ishi vs FLR - space invaders 2003


perks & mini - lights over egypt

obama on race & politics

damian marley - one loaf a bread


a joint a day

it's rainning mccain

My Steampunk Papercraft Commodore 64 MMORPG Identity Crisis

1980s japanese tv commecial



can i have a napkin please??

fats waller - your feet's too big

portishead - machine gun

Schweppes Burst_Baloons

the residents

beck - lost cause

mariah carey - touch my body

n.e.r.d. live in texas



Raymond Scott's Electronium

stevie wonder - how can you believe

insane commercial

byul - 2 (alternative take)

banned x box commercial


my bloody valentine - know when

light surgeons - blindsider

bulljun @ unit


a joint a day

shin sight trio

how vinyl records are made

Tegeran 43 Une vie d'amour

tagged in motion

whack your boss

dorian concept

korean history channel: chocolate people

more chick corea-bobby mcferrin goodness

1988 crash dummies commercial

the roots - get busy

superman and spiderwoman

Nipple song

Daler Mehndi - Tunak Tunak Tun

90s japanese mcdonald's tv commercial

insane street football

chick corea and bobby mcferrin - montreux jazz festival 2001


downbeat 1975 poll-winners' show

how do you hear the world?

airto moreira

janet jackson - rock with u

music made only from windows 98 xp sounds

freaky japanese urinal

special others -laurentech

vitamin water

steve-o hates his neighbor

kenna feat. nerd - say goodbye to love

sir charles on fake christians and runnin for governor

gnarls barkley - who's gonna save my soul

socalled-you are never alone

keneth anger

jimmy smith trio w/ billy hart

dead media

a joint a day

gnarls barkley - run

roots - 75 bars