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brian eno on big music theories


illstudios _ illuminati poster

guy richie for nike football

ryan leslie on sirius 45

gilberto gil on BBC radio 3

pencil cannonball _ north korean animation

장군님 축지법 쓰신다 General Kim warps

the fall


dan tague _ state of fear

lacquer _ behind

adult swim _ ghostly swim

perks & mini _ dreams Freud dreamed

mgmt _ time to pretend

the roots _ rising up

obama , hillary & mccain on wwe

alicia keys _ teenage love affair


a joint a day

it's not a compound

Obama vs Hillary


Travis Stearns _ blackhole poster


Jason Munn

wrong time machine _ deerhoof

kraftwerk live 1981

tarako commercials

sth you didn't know about internet

obama brushes off the haters

?uestlove in studio with al green

honda 'sweded'

BBC_ flying penguins

gynastics ad

amazon giant water lily

remote control super mario brothers theme

sony _ foam city

elektronik supersonic

vintage folgers commercial

the roots _ birthday girl

the wooden glass _ in the rain

the relaxed wife

serge gainsberg & brigitte bardot _ bonnie & clyde

corduroy _ motorhead

corduroy _ e type

beamz music performance system

bongolian _ bongohead

just jack _ lovefool


paul insect _ peace

cocobongo artworks 2004 showreel

daisuke yamamoto

dj krust x saul williams _ coded language

OVO - o mundo é já aqui

jamie lidell _ daddy's car


saul williams x nike _ my better is better

pink floyd _comfortably numb

grandmaster flash & furious five _ the message

clothing of the future (year 2000)


new iphone?!?!

explosion in the sky _ birth and death of the day

i'm fxxking obama


damien hirst x warhol factory x levis

damian marley _ still searching

junko mizuno interviewed by bbc3 japanorama

junji ito interview by bbc3 japanorama

akon & t-pain have lunch at the mall

jay electronica live in nyc

duffy_ mercy

the blackbyrds_ love is love


snoop on wrestlemania

the roots_ny jam session



keepintime_talkin drums and whisperin vynil

the shadows - apache

spaceshuttle launch

velvet worm attacks