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Tom Green and Jurassic 5

Macacos do Chinês - Plutão

Munk _ Knights of Heliopolis

blue boy _ remember me

Deul Gook Hwa 들국화 1985

Rosalia De Souza _ Live

batman is way too high

crack whore

TETSUJIN 28 (1980)

karajan _ beethoven symphony no.5

Dwele _ Sketches of a man _sampler

blazing magnum 1976 car chase sequence

dj soul _ Big L & Jay Dee _ Put it on Remix

Another Fox News Fuckery

Praise the lord!

124g of Hashishi

virtual turntables _ ATTIGO TT

Immortal Technique _ Bin Laden

kobe on jackass

Chris Bruton drops the Stanley Cup

Herb Alpert

BBC Four - Medieval Mind Trip

NOKIA - getoutandplay

Greenpeace-Dove On Slaughter

cellphone in a microwave

The House In The Middle 1954

Dana Dicillo _ Playboy Casting Submission Instructional Video


Wallace Collection _ Day Dream

tokyo gore police trailer

optical illusions


Ecco Eruption vs Megaman vs Metal Man Remix

Phil Morton _ Colorful Colorado (1974)

kate bush _ egypt 1979

extraordinary breast feeding

Tim & Eric _ Absolute Vodka

Sylvania light bulbs commercial

80's Disney Channel

"The Grand Space Voyage" (1974)

human bread

behind the screensaver..

the great daryl nathan _ fantasy

Pogo _ Alice

super8trigger _live video performance for O-rudo

Benjamin Verdonck _ The Great Swallow

Mike Tonkin & Anna Liu _ Singing Ringing Tree

sergio mendez & brasil 66 _ the look of love

star wars _ hillary vs obama

james pants _ cosmic rap

nike _ loopwheeler

dont believe the hype

kaws 1997

dj ruthless ramsey scratches TAPES

adam & joe show _ toy trainspotting


a joint a day

the advantage _ 8 bit nintendo band

Soulseek on iphone

elvis will eat your skin



samsung 'soul' commercial

It's Like That!!

Bill O'Reilly "FUCKIT!"

light surgeons _ grfx stich up

Quarteto em Cy on Andy Williams show 66

Gilberto Gil announces new album

portishead _ the rip

vader in blue

muto _ an ambiguous animation painted on public walls

hifana _ wamono

omodaka _ cantana no.147

the great daryk nathan _ international lover

omodaka _ kokiriko bushi

iron sky trailer

taz arnold(sa-ra) & daedelus _ vote obama

omodaka _ kyoteizinc chiptune disco

don hertzfeldt animations

janelle monae

gnarls barkley _ going on

astrud gilberto _ berimbau


jackson conti _ sujinho _ may 19th 2008


and the winner is...

astroboy _ the greatest robot in the world (1980)

Varèse/ Xénakis/Le Corbusier - poeme électronique (1958)

music arcade _ radiophonic workshop

miles davis in japan

dean sandin

andy warhol for tdk

james jean for prada _ trembled blossoms

radiohead _ all i need


a joint a day

dr. buzzard's original savannah band _ cherchez la femme

alicia keys _ teenage love affair live @ letterman

flower travellin' band _ satori II

justice _ stress

vintage japanese puppet sci-fi

sebastien tellier _ divine

luke abbott _ b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'

max hattler _ collision

the knife _ we share our mother's health

buraka som sistema _ sound of kuduro

george pringle _carte postale

little dragon _ constant surprises

common & kareem riggins _ thelonious