david fincher _ mindhunter

new netflix series from david pincher comin in oct.

"The series will be set in 1979, and will feature Jonathan Groff (Looking, Boss, Glee) as Holden Ford, a special agent in the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit, and Holt McCallany (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Sully, Blackhat) as Bill Tench, a fellow agent. Anna Torv (Fringe) and Coter Smith (X2) also star. Fincher will produce the series along with Charlize Theron, and will direct three of the episodes.

The show has all the look and feel of a prestige drama along the lines of House of Cards, True Detective, or American Crime Story: brooding investigators contending with the horrifying subject matter of their jobs and the boundaries that they must set.

The series is based on the book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit by John Douglas and Mark Olshaker, a 1996 nonfiction book that follows the agents of the FBI’s Investigative Support Unit.

Mindhunter will debut on Netflix in October."

-the verge


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